[2016] Silent Auction Information

Coulee Con will host a silent auction where attendees can sell items to others for a small entry fee. It’s a great way to pick up a few (gently) used games at a discount price! Proceeds from the auction are donated to charity!

Seller Guidelines

  • Sellers may drop off items at the Registration Table: Friday 3PM – 8 PM and Saturday 9 AM – 12 PM.
  • The entry fee is $2 per lot. Each lot can have as many (or as few) items as you wish. One auction form must be completed for each lot.
  • Bidding will be from 10 AM to 5 PM on Saturday.
  • Auction lots will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis. When staff determine that there is no more room for auction lots, no more will be accepted.
  • Items may be donated to the auction without entry fee.
  • Payout will be after we have collected from all buyers (approximately 5:30 pm on Saturday).
  • To make the process faster, you can print out an auction form and bring it to Coulee Con. Turn it in at registration when you arrive.
  • If you are selling several items in one lot, put them together with string, in a box, etc.

Bidder Guidelines

  • Buyers bid on a lot by writing their name and the amount bid on auction form.
  • Opening bid must be at least $1 (minimum).
  • Minimum raise must be at least $1 increments.
  • Cash only.
  • Once a lot has received a bid, it cannot be withdrawn from the auction.
  • Buyers who bid are committed to purchase the lot on Saturday evening at the auction close (5pm). Your bid is your bond!
  • The auction (buying or selling) is available to registered convention attendees only.
  • Unsold items will be returned to their owners. Unsold and unclaimed product will become the property of Coulee Con.