[2016] Preplanned Games

We are using the website Warhorn to manage our schedule.

To reserve a spot in a game, follow these steps:

  1. Sign-up for an account on Warhorn https://warhorn.net/users/sign_up
  2. Visit the Coulee Con page and click on “Register for this Event” https://warhorn.net/events/coulee-con-2016
  3. You can now view scheduled events and reserve a spot https://warhorn.net/events/coulee-con-2016

If you would like to sign up to run a game, fill out this form: goo.gl/forms/yDy9P4gb6M Once approved, your game or event will appear in our Warhorn event listings.

Coulee Con is also a place for attendees to bring their own games! A large portion of the main hall has been set aside for open gaming. Call some friends and bring your stuff! If you are in need of a particularly large space (e.g., four or five tables worth), please contact coordinator@couleecon.com and we’ll make arrangements.