[2016] Guidelines for Gamemasters

As with all cons, we are heavily dependent on the wonderful folks who run games and events. If you have a game or event that you love, please consider running it at Coulee Con. You can submit games or events by visiting this link goo.gl/forms/yDy9P4gb6MOnce approved, your game or event will appear in our Warhorn event listing.warhorn.net/events/coulee-con-2016

Gamemaster Guidelines

  • Be kind to your players.
  • Please try to arrive at your scheduled table 10 minutes early.
  • Please wait at least 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of your game before canceling the game due to no players showing. You might have players join who were unable to get into a different game and are looking for something to play.
  • Know the game you are running (know the rules, know the story, etc.)
  • If problems arises at your table with a player or between players that you don’t feel comfortable handling, please seek out a staff member.