[2016] Daily Drawing

We’ll be having drawings each day for a variety of gaming items. Winners will be posted at registration and must redeem prizes by the end of the convention. We are very thankful to all the organizations and individuals that have donated loot!

Drawing Times

  • Friday 7pm
  • Saturday 7pm
  • Sunday 4pm

Obtaining Tickets

Tickets for the drawing can be obtained in the following ways:

  • Passes
    • Weekend pass attendees will receive three tickets.
    • One-day pass attendees will receive one ticket.
    • VIG Con Supporters will receive five tickets.
  • Gamemasters
    • Anyone who signs-up to run a game or event prior to the start of Coulee Con will receive two tickets. Use this form to volunteer goo.gl/forms/yDy9P4gb6M
  • Volunteers
    • Anyone who volunteers to help during Coulee Con will receive two tickets. Use this form to volunteer: tiny.cc/cc16volunteer
  • Coulee Cards
    • Show a 2015 Coulee Card with the “receive a free raffle ticket” text when you pick up your badge registration.
    • Show a set of Coulee Cards (i.e, the three 2015 cards or four 2016 cards) and get three extra tickets.
  • Additionally, tickets may also be given out by staff, artists, vendors, periodically throughout the weekend.