[2016] Coulee Cards

What are Coulee Cards?
Coulee Cards are playing cards designed to be used during the Con. On one side is an advertisement for the Con. For example, here is the ad side of the 2016 Coulee Cards:

CCC 2016 Ad Side-500dpi-finalThe other side of the card provides the holder with a special ability for use during a game (we call these moment cards) or is a component for a minigame.

For 2016, we have released four Coulee Cards. Three of cards (Grandad Bluff, Sugar Loaf Bluff, Mill Bluff State Park) can be used to play a minigame called The Bluff Game. The fourth card (Exposed Bedrock) is a moment card.

Grandad Bluff-500dpi-final Sugarloaf Bluff-500dpi-final




Mill Bluff-500dpi-final




Exposed Bedrock-500dpi-final










What is the Bluff Game?
The Bluff Game is a minigame that can be played with the 2016 Coulee Cards. It was developed and designed by Kevin and Barb Jones. On Sunday, we’ll be having a special tournament featuring the Bluff Game. We’ll provide copies of the cards to play in the tournament. In addition, attendees who bring along their own Coulee Cards will receive a bonus. Here are two videos explaining the 2016 Coulee Cards and The Bluff Game.

Where can I pick up Coulee Cards?
Coulee Cards are freely available at a variety of places in the region (listed below). We’ll also be giving out cards during the Con to individuals running games.

Ausitn, MN
— Everything Hobby

Dubuque, IA
— Comic World and Games

Galena, IL
— Have Fun Collectibles

Eau Claire, WI
— The District Company
—- D20

La Crosse & Onalaska
— Apex Hobby Shop
— Deaf Ear Records
— Explore La Crosse
— Gaming Generations
— Games by James
— River City Hobbies
— Shenanigans

Rochester, MN
— Hobby Goblins
— Book Review
— Everything Hobby

Winona, MN
— Jimmy Jams
— Pipe Dream Toys
— Riverquest

Sparta, WI
— Apex Hobby Shop

Do Coulee Cards expire? How long can I use them?
Cards from previous years are honored each year at Coulee Con. This includes the ability to gain free raffle tickets. Each set we release will feature a new minigame and also provide components for a larger game called Experiencing the Driftless.

Previously Released Cards
2015 Coulee Cards

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