Play-to-Win Program, Cosplay Contest, and More!

Greetings Gamers!

The new year is upon us and it’s time to share a few quick updates!

Play-to-Win Program
We’re excited to announce that there will be a Play-to-Win Program at Coulee Con 2017! If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of play-to-win, here’s the gist. Attendees check-out and play a copy of a game from the Play-to-Win Library. After playing, each person fills out an entry form for a chance to win the game that was played. On the final day of the convention, there is a drawing for each of the games in the Play-to-Win Library (everything must go!). We’re planning to have about 20 different titles in the Play-to-Win Library and will have more next year if the program is successful.

Cosplay Content – Sunday 1pm
Also new this year will be a Cosplay Contest on Sunday at 1pm! Categories will be Family (infant to 7 years old), Youngsters (8-12 years old), Young Adults (13-17 years old), Adults (18 and up), and Group (all ages). Prizes will include free passes to Coulee Con 2018. For basic costume guidelines see the attendee policies page on our website. If you plan on participating, let us know! And don’t forget that if you Cosplay, you earn free drawing tickets!

Seeking Sponsors, Vendors, and Artists
We’re currently seeking interested sponsors, vendors, and artists for the 2017 convention. We greatly appreciate the support these organizations and individuals provide. If you have previously sponsored or vended at Coulee Con, no further action is needed. However, if you have not and would like more information, or if you know an organization or individual that might be interested, please contact

Have an Idea for an Event?
We’ve started to draft the master schedule and work out details for large planned events. We welcome ideas for other events that might be a unique addition to the Con. If you have an idea or suggestion, please let us know!


Thanks for a great Coulee Con 2016! We had a unique attendance of 461, which is almost double the previous year! Family Day on Sunday was a big success with about 150 attendees. Many thanks to the Sponsors, Vendors, Artists, staff, and volunteers who made the event possible. In particular, we would like to thank our Sunday Sponsor Explore La Crosse (, and room sponsors, Apex Hobby Shop (, Deaf Ear Records (, and Amtgard (

We’re excited to announce that Coulee Con 2017 will be August 25-27 at the La Crosse Center! Our target attendance for 2017 is 550. It’s a big goal, but we’re confident that we can make it with great community support. We’ll be sending out updates later this Fall as we begin to set things up. Next year’s Con will feature a more streamlined registration system making it easy to submit and sign-up for games/events in advance. If you are interested in volunteering, vending, or sponsoring something at Coulee Con 2017, please contact



Coulee Con 2016 Last Minute Details!

Greetings Gamers!

Just one week until Coulee Con 2016! Here are a few last minute details:

Online Registration
Online registration is open until Thursday Aug 25th at midnight. Registering online saves you time at check-in and also helps us by cutting down on the lines at the convention. To help encourage online registration, every person who registers online by the deadline will get an extra drawing ticket! Visit this page to register:

There are two parking ramps next to the La Crosse Center, the La Crosse Center Ramp and the Riverside Ramp ( The Riverside ramp is free all the time if you can find a spot. Both ramps are free on the weekend. Street parking is free after 6pm on weekdays and free on weekends.

Hours of Operation:
– Friday 1pm-midnight
– Saturday 8am-midnight
– Sunday 10am-6pm

Sunday Social
All GMs, volunteers, vendors, artists, and staff are invited to join us for Thank You Coffee and Doughnuts on Sunday morning from 9-10am. This will take place in the main hall and is a chance for everyone involved to socialize before the Con opens at 10am.

Quick Links
Tournaments, Special Events, and Map:
Individual Game Listings on Warhorn:
Game Submission:
Volunteer to Help:

Please continue to share the event and encourage others to attend! Looking forward to a great weekend of gaming!

Registration Now Open!

Greetings Gamers!

Coulee Con is happy to announce that attendee registration is now open for 2016. You can register by visiting the following link This year we have added an early bird registration for additional savings and a VIG Con Supporter pass for attendees interested in offering extra support to the con (and getting a few perks during the weekend).

The con will take place at the La Crosse Center from August 26-28. This is a much larger space than last year and we are excited for the opportunities it provides for gaming, vendors, and other activities. Friday and Saturday will be typical convention days focused on scheduled events, open gaming, tournaments, etc. Sunday will be a day focused on gaming, fundraising, and families. We have partnered with the organization Extra Life and created a Coulee Con 2016 Team ( We hope that attendees and vendors alike will join us in raising money to support Children’s Miracle Network.

As with all cons, we are heavily dependent on the wonderful folks who run games and events. If you have a game or event that you love, please consider running it at Coulee Con. You can submit games or events by visiting this Once approved, your game or event will appear in our Warhorn event

To keep up on the latest news, like us on Facebook ( or follow us on Twitter (

Looking forward to a great weekend of gaming in the Coulee region!

Coulee Con
Bringing Gamers Together in the Coulee Region

Announcing Coulee Con 2016!

Hello friends and fans!

It’s time for an update! We’re happy to announce that Coulee Con 2016 will be held Friday August 26 through Sunday August 28 at the La Crosse Center. This is a much larger space than last year and we are excited for the opportunities it provides for gaming, vendors, and other activities.

We also are excited to share our plans to broaden the scope of Sunday and make it a day focused on gaming, families, and fundraising. We have partnered with the organization Extra Life and created a Coulee Con 2016 Team. We hope that attendees and vendors alike will join us in raising money to support Children’s Miracle Network. We are also planning to work with other organizations from around the region to bring a variety of opportunities on Sunday that will enhance the Con. We’ll be posting more details over the next few months, but if you’re already eager to join the Coulee Con 2016 Team visit:

Thanks again to everyone for all the support and feedback. Our first year was a success because of the great gaming community in the Coulee Region and we hope to have even better convention this year.

Thanks for a great Coulee Con 2015!

Coulee Con 2015 was a great success! Thank you to everyone who participated including staff, volunteers, gamemasters, vendors, artists, organizations, and attendees. It was a wonderful weekend of bringing gamers together in the Coulee region. Looking forward to putting together plans for Coulee Con 2016 in the coming months!