We have a number of events planned for the main hall (Valhalla) including a Splendor Tournament, a Netrunner Tournament, Pathfinder, board games, and an assortment of things for Family Day! Our two hall sponsors (Apex and River City Hobbies) have also put together schedules of their preplanned events. Check out the Events page for more info

Announcing Family Day

Don’t just game on your own, bring the whole family! Saturday is Family Day at Coulee Con! What’s that mean? We’re offering a Family Day pass and have partnered with the River City Hobbies​ Crew to plan some special events! Check out our Family Day page for more information.

Silent Auction!

Do you have some unused gaming items that you would like to clear out? Bring them to Coulee Con and sell them in our silent auction! The auction will run on Friday and Saturday. Details can be found on our Silent Auction page.

Coulee Con and LC3

A big thank you to the organizers of LC3 (the La Crosse Comic Con) who will be running events at Coulee Con on Sunday. They are busy planning events for their convention, which will take place the week after Coulee Con. You can find out more information here

Coulee Cards!

We’re excited to announce the release of Coulee Cards! These are playing cards designed to be used during the Con. One side is an advertisement for the Con and the other side provides the holder with a special ability for use during a game (provided that the Gamemaster allows it). Check out the Coulee Cards page for more info!

Larpcraft is Coming!

The Rust River Colony of Larpcraft will be running events on Saturday at Coulee Con! Specifics are still in the works, but the initial plan is have demonstrations of fighting in the larpcraft system in the morning and a tournament later in the day. You can view the Rust River Colony’s Facebook Group here

Vendors Announced!

We’re happy to announce that Apex Hobby Shop and River City Hobbies will both be sponsoring rooms at Coulee Con! We also have a list of artists who’ll be part of our artist alley. Head over to the Vendors Page for more information.